Apple Dumplings

In baking on May 23, 2010 at 5:55 pm

Since I started going all out with cooking and baking this year, these yummylicious apple dumplings is my favourite tryout. I found them on Design Sponge’s blog at They sound fancy but are pretty easy to make. It’s just the thing you should make if you want to impress guests at your tea party.

The dumplings look disfigured because I had a small problem with the dough. You know the saying – baking is an exact science? It’s true! The recipe called for 180 ml of milk. I had a 200 ml carton, so I thought, what the heck, put it all in. Didn’t want that milk to go to waste. What a difference 20 ml made. The dough became soggy and sticky. So I had to add more flour to ‘dry up’ the mix.

Because I didn’t follow the recipe, I got a dough that was hard to roll out and fold. Hence the sorry looking shapes. But they tasted great!

Shopping list: apples, milk

From the pantry: flour, baking powder, salt, white and brown sugar, butter, vanilla

Optional: crushed almonds for extra bite

Hardware: baking dish with cover

Can I do it?: Easy-peasy. Simple ingredients.

Credits: Stacy Newgent and Design Sponge

  1. Next time drink the 20ml!

    • I don’t like milk on its own. And I wasn’t planning to use it for anything else anytime soon. Perhaps I should’ve made scrambled egg or a fruit smoothie.

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