Spicy Mexican Snack Cups

In appetiser, salad on June 22, 2010 at 2:13 am

This is easily one of my top favourite experiments to date. I made this for a small gathering. It’s a great party food. It looks interesting and is easier to prepare than it looks. That’s because it’s a salad dressed up to entice.

I love vege, but am not entirely thrilled at eating salads. I don’t usually order them when I eat out, but I used to have them for my dinners because they’re healthy and easy to prepare. With this flirty presentation, I might just start having salads again. (Yes, even adults need some encouragement to finish their vege.)

The cups make all the difference. Tortillas baked in the oven to give them a little crisp. I might just try the same technique with chapati.

This recipe has also introduced me to a new ingredient – kidney beans. It adds a nice texture to the salad. You get the crisp from the tortilla, the zest from the lemon, freshness from the pepper, zing from the shallots, mush from the tomatoes, wake up call from the garlic and finally, the crumble from the beans.

Shopping list: tortillas (get it from the frozen section of the supermarket), canned black or red kidney beans, tomatoes, garlic, shallots or onion, chilli pepper (not sure what this is – I used red pepper, also known as capsicum), lime or lemon

From the pantry: olive oil, corn oil for brushing (I used olive oil), maple syrup (I used honey)

Optional: coriander for garnishing, grated lime or lemon rind

Hardware: oven, bun tray (I used a muffin tray)

Can I do it?: The salad part is easy – just mix everything. Gentle skills needed to shape the tortillas into cups as they break easily.

Tips: Bake the cups shortly before serving. You don’t want them to ‘masuk angin’. Same with spooning the salad mix into the cups. Too soon and you’ll end up with soggy cups. Lastly, keep an eye on the cups in the oven. Be careful that they don’t burn.

Credit: Cook’s Kitchen Handbook & 500 Basic Recipes

  1. Looks good – amazing what some window dressing can do to make a dish look like it will take a whole day to do!

  2. This is pro. I’m awestruck.

  3. I’m going to try this recipe this weekend. Wish me luck!

  4. this on looks very yummy. will try to make it when i m free :0)

  5. […] recipe is somewhat similar to the Spicy Mexican Snack Cups I tried before. That used tortillas shaped into cups using a muffin tray and baked to a crisp. Same […]

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