In Safe Hands

In tools/utensils on January 12, 2011 at 2:07 am

I love the cheerful print! Fresh, nothing too 'aunty'.

Cooking can be a hazardous hobby. Oil splatters, cuts, burns, they hurt and sometimes leave scars. So far, my face has been spared. The injuries tend to happen around the hands and arms.

So, I was thrilled when I came across these oven mitts at Peter Hoe. They go up to my elbow, so they’re long enough to protect my hands AND arms when I remove dishes and trays from the oven.

Peter Hoe is at Jalan Hang Lekir in KL’s Chinatown. It’s the one at the yellow art deco building (Lee Rubber Building, in between Hotel Malaya and Maybank) across the flower wholesaler. Don’t confuse it with the other Peter Hoe outlet with the green walls. The other Peter Hoe sells clothes. This Peter Hoe sells household stuff. It’s hidden above the Popular Bookstore. The entrance is at the side. You’ll see a guard. Take the lift to the first floor (or second? – I don’t remember…).

The place is nice for browsing. Lots of pretty things. Popular with the expats, with prices to match. The oven mitt costs RM39 for just one side. Unless you’re strong enough to lift a tray with a heavy casserole on it with just one arm, you’ll need to get a pair.

Peter Hoe serves drinks and cakes but I hear it now serves meals too. A good place to stop after trawling Chinatown (peace! quiet! air-con!).

  1. Thanks for sharing. Always on the lookout for a nice apron – the one I have looks like it has gone through a war zone!

  2. Very cheerful looking indeed! I believe you are better than me/us in keeping the gloves clean. I only go for dark colours!

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