Surprise Fruit Baskets

In dessert, fruits on March 7, 2011 at 2:21 am

I love my food in crunchy wraps.

LL was having a post-Chinese New Year steamboat party. I asked if I could bring anything. She said dessert. I initially wanted to make Grapes Rolled in Goat’s Cheese with Pistachio Crust, but three attempts had yet to yield a satisfactory result (i.e. decent enough to be served to others).

So I turned to my most bookmarked recipe book. It was between the Fruit Baskets and Spiced Milk Pudding. Fruit Baskets won because I figured that pudding would be too ‘heavy’ after everyone stuffed themselves full on steamboat. Besides, I didn’t think pudding would go down well with the more or less same crowd that hardly touched my couscous at LL’s housewarming potluck party last year. It was also the perfect recipe because I had leftover filo pastry from my baklava attempt.

This recipe is somewhat similar to the Spicy Mexican Snack Cups I tried before. That used tortillas shaped into cups using a muffin tray and baked to a crisp. Same with this. It’s a matter of assembly. I used two sheets of pastry because some parts were torn. Filo is really brittle. You have to be very careful when shaping it and taking it out of the oven.

What makes this a winner is the whipping cream mix. I didn’t have Cointreau nor strawberry jam, so I substituted them with Brem Bali (liqueur made from Bali’s traditional rice wine) and roselle jam. Feel free to use anything you have at home. The trick is to make sure the alcohol and jam go well together.

As for the fruits, the recipe calls for grapes, pineapple and raspberries. I bought fresh raspberries a few days before. By the time I was ready to use them, fungus/mould had started to grow. So out they went and canned blueberries came to the rescue. It was a perfect balance of sweetness and tart.

The verdict? Everyone loved it! I redeemed myself after the couscous.

Shopping list: filo pastry, Black and white grapes (seedless), raspberries (I used canned blueberries), pineapple, mint leaves, whipping cream

From the pantry: strawberry jam (I used roselle), Cointreau (I used Bali Brem) or any other orange flavoured liquer, icing sugar (for sprinkling – I skipped this)

Hardware: oven, pastry brush, muffin trays

Can I do it?: Yes. It’s a matter of putting everything together. But you need to be gentle with the pastry.


1.   Bake the cups just before serving or they’ll go soft. If you need to make them earlier, store in an airtight container. Take care not to break the brittle cups.

2.  Spoon the whipping cream mix over the fruits instead of placing it at the bottom layer as the cream would turn the pastry soggy.

3.   Allow enough time for the pastry to thaw.

Credit: Cook’s Kitchen Handbook and 500 Basic Recipes edited by Carole Clements

  1. Mm . . . I must try this one out!

  2. This one looks damn good!! I’ll try too!

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