Chopping herbs like Nigella Lawson

In tools/utensils on November 28, 2011 at 1:53 pm

“This half-moon shaped, double-handled herb (and everything else) chopper is indispensable. It works like a speedy dream, and safely: two handles mean you can’t cut yourself while chopping!” – Nigella Lawson

Ever since I saw Nigella using a herb chopper on her show, I’ve been intrigued. She looked like she was having so much fun chopping herbs with it. I’ve always wanted to get one but was too stingy to pay for it it. There are other more important things to get, like a salad spinner and magnetic knife strip. Besides, I can always use a normal knife, right?
The push factor that finally nudged me over the edge was the RM40 Robinsons shopping voucher I needed to spend. Dresses were too expensive, there were no nice panties within that price range (unbelievable, right?) and I still had to top up a substantial amount for pillowcases to complete my slowly assembled Egyptian cotton bedding set.
A browse around the household department (my favourite section at Robinsons) led me to the Typhoon table – a lot of nice stuff, but too expensive to splurge on. I saw the herb chopper and visions of Nigella taunting me with her kitchen gadgets (another piece I want – the wooden lemon squeezer!) came flooding back. I didn’t have to pay much out of my own pocket, so that was the deciding factor.
While Nigella’s herb cutter has only one blade, Typhoon’s has two. It chops herbs in tiny pieces in no time at all and is certainly more efficient than using a chef’s knife. And it felt so good! Chop! Chop! Chop! Some people use it to chop onions and garlic too.

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