Keeping your books clean

In tools/utensils on January 1, 2013 at 10:00 am

book stand

A small counter top has always been a challenge when I’m cooking using a recipe book. There’s just not enough space for it amidst the clutter of bowls and bottles. Reading the book is also difficult as the pages keep flipping over (especially with paperbacks). And they’d be stained with grease and watermarks. Sometimes, the pages would also be covered in a light dusting of flour.

Recipes printed off the Net are easier to handle. I keep them in clear plastic in a ring folder. When I need to use one, I just stick it onto my kitchen door frame with a fridge magnet, at eye level.

I’ve been lusting over this Typhoon bookstand for the longest time (and of course, the red colour makes it even more desirable). I finally decided to stop being a scrooge and treat myself to it. You can find it at Robinsons and Isetan for RM69. Wait for sales and you’ll save 20% (RM13.80). I had a RM5 Robinsons voucher, so my bill came up to RM50.20.

The bookstand has a ‘gap’ over 4cm, so it should hold even thick books easily. The steel structure is heavy and solid – your book won’t flip the whole stand over. I place it on the small platform that divides my kitchen and dining area. The raised height means I can refer to my books at eye level, and they are away from my work area.

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