Baked apples

In baking, fruits, Jamie Olver on March 31, 2013 at 10:01 pm


When I have guests over, I like to offer them something they may not have tried or don’t often get to eat. This is one of them. It’s impressive but not too difficult to make. No special skills are needed. Just bash the cloves and bay leaves, mix with everything else, squish the mix (this gets pretty messy, so have paper towels at hand), stuff into the cored and halved apples and bake. Like Jamie always says, it’s easy-peasy!

Shopping list: green apples, sliced almonds, orange and lemon (for zest), raisins, brandy or whisky (I left this out because I had neither)

From the pantry: unsalted butter, bay leaves, cloves, mixed spice, soft light brown sugar

Hardware: baking pan or bake-proof dish, apple corer, oven, grater, pestle and mortar

Can I do it?: Most certainly yes but be prepared for squishing your fingers into the butter and sugar.

Credit: Jamie’s Food Revolution by Jamie Oliver. Full recipe here.

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