Starfruit jam

In fruits on April 28, 2013 at 3:46 pm


You know that small pack of  butter that comes with the bread on an in-flight meal? I’d devour the whole thing because I’m a butter girl. One pinch of bread, one pinch of butter, mmm… The jam on the other hand, I give a miss and would take home for my mother. I’m no fan of jam, until now.

I watch Daniel Delaney’s WTF?! (What’s This Food?!) podcasts on my commute and chanced upon this recipe when I had two starfruits in my fridge. The rest of the ingredients were easy to get, so there was no excuse not to try this recipe. Plus, the addition of dried chilli to a jam was intriguing.

I’ve never made jam before and was surprised at how easy it is to whip up. A basic jam is fruit, liquid and sugar. Stir over a slow fire until the liquid dries up and you’re done!

Daniel added this jam to his burger and I intend to try it with my neighbour’s homemade pork sausages, when I get around to defrosting them. In the meantime, it tastes super delicious with crackers. My testimony speaks volumes because I’m not a jam lover.

Some of you may find this starfruit jam strange or confusing because of the sweet-spicy combination, but as long as you don’t overdo the chilli, it’s pretty good. The sweet orange juice balances the tart taste of the fruit while the heat from the chilli gives it a nice punch.

Shopping list: starfruit, orange juice, coriander seeds (I used coriander powder), dried chilli

From the pantry: sugar

Can I do it?: Super easy. You just need the patience to stand and stir. 

Tip: If you’re worried the jam would be too spicy, scoop out the chilli seeds with a tea leaf strainer as you watch over the jam. If you don’t like too much bite in your jam, chop up the fruit into smaller pieces or use a blender.

Credit: WTF?! by Daniel Delaney. Video recipe here. For every day of one year, Daniel picked an ingredient to feature in his WTF?! podcast.

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