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The main ingredient in this recipe is quinoa (pronounced kee-nwa), the superfood from the Andes. This grain can grow in very harsh conditions and has a very high nutritional content, making it a suitable food for the future. There are plans to feed NASA astronauts with this on long space missions.

It takes less time to cook than rice, and makes an ideal base for a filling salad, like the Middle eastern tabbouleh. This recipe, though tedious because of all the fine chopping you need to do, is easy to prepare. You just need to mix everything up. It’s filling enough for a simple lunch or dinner.

Shopping list: quinoa (try the organic section of supermarkets), parsley, tomato, cucumber, spring onion, mint, lemon (for juice)

From the pantry: olive oil, garlic, salt

Hardware: herb chopper (a knife will do too)

Can I do it?: Yes indeed

Tip: Substitute lemon with lime if you want a sharper taste.

Credit: Dr. Wendy Yang, South China Morning Post




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