How to turn cheap wine into a fancy drink

In alcohol, drink on January 22, 2018 at 1:29 am


I like sweet wines, like port. But they are quite hard to find at the duty-free shop, where I usually get my alcohol, so I was happy to come across this recipe for ipocras. It’s great for turning dry wines into something easier to drink. Of course, you shouldn’t do this to an expensive bottle of wine.

I didn’t have a bottle around for this, so I bought a cheap red one (you can also use white) from the supermarket for around RM50. 150ml of it went to a recipe for pears cooked in red wine. The rest was perfect for this, minus one glass for immediate drinking to make space for the ingredients:

350g caster sugar   |  half a cinnamon stick   |   10g fresh ginger   |   9 cloves   |   6 peppercorns   |   1 nutmeg, crushed   |  1 sprig of rosemary

Just put everything into the bottle and invert it a few times until the sugar is mixed around. The ipocras is ready to drink in 24 hours. Pour it over a coffee filter or tea strainer to catch the spices. Do turn the bottle every now and then if you’re keeping it for longer. Ipocras makes a nice end to a meal, and an impressive contribution for a home party. “I made this wine!”

Shopping list: Red or white wine, rosemary, fresh ginger, nutmeg

From the pantry: Caster sugar, clove, cinnamon stick, pepercorns

Can I do it?: If you’re not drunk, yes

Hardware: Funnel to pour in the sugar and chopstick to push the sugar through (or make your own paper cone)

Credit: A Recipe Book in the Tudor Fashion for the Entertainment of Visitors and Pupils to The Queen’s Great Standing in  the Forest of Epping near London (yes, that’s the full title)

  1. […] I’ve been neglecting my ‘try a new recipe’ mission for quite some time. Whenever I had a free weekend at home, I just wanted to vege out. Cooking has become a necessity for sustenance rather than an experimentation of new recipes. As 2018 edged closer, I decided I owed it to myself to make an attempt. This was the first of two, only because one bottle of wine was involved. The second one is here. […]

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