Silicone pot holders

In tools/utensils on October 23, 2014 at 2:52 am


Silicone seems to be the wonder material in the kitchen. Heat-resistant and non-stick, it’s great as bakeware – getting cakes and bread out of the mould is so much more easier.

One of my favourite silicone products in my kitchen is my pair of pot holders. This is an item I use on a daily basis. I got this pair from Sogo. After getting it, I discovered that Daiso also stocks silicone pot holders, and every item there costs only RM5 each.

Even though I paid so much more for mine, I console myself that it probably provides more protection against hot items. My pot holder is thick and has a raised pattern, so my hands are not in such close contact with hot items as a flat piece. It also has great grip and I’ve had no problems lifting my heavy CorningWare casseroles.

The small size make it easy to grab and use, unlike some of the glove-like pot holders. It is also safer than using a kitchen cloth or an oven mitt. Heat travels faster through fabric and I used to worry that I wouldn’t make it from stove to dining table in time before my fingers started to burn.

I recommend this as your kitchen essential. You’ll definitely use it often and it won’t end up at the back of your kitchen drawer.


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