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Easy Peasy Ginger Beer

In drink on September 19, 2011 at 1:53 am

Halal. No beer in here.

When your friends come over, forget the cordials, carbonated drinks and Yeo’s box drinks. Instead, impress them with this. It’s a happy drink, with a little bit of fizz, sunshine and freshness.

Shopping list: fresh ginger, muscovado sugar (I used normal sugar), lemons, soda water or sparkling mineral water, fresh mint

Hardware: grater (for the ginger), peeler (for the lemon rind), pestle or rolling pin (to bash the ginger, sugar and rind)

Can I do it?: Like Jamie says, it’s easy peasy!

Credit: Happy Days with the Naked Chef by Jamie Oliver


Heineken Smoothie

In drink on June 7, 2010 at 2:07 am

Add some zing to your breakfast!

I’m not a big fan of beer. You’ll only find a beer in my hand at the office O Bar party. But that’s only because there’s nothing else to drink, and I have nothing else to do with my hands. But this, my dear friends, is one beer I’ll gladly drink.

I first heard about the Heineken smoothie from colleagues who have been to Heineken’s Breakfast Club. Since drinking in the morning makes you look like an alcoholic, those folks from Heineken and the Breakfast Club found a way to make it look harmless. Mix it with a fruit blend. So, while everyone’s thinking, “My, what a healthy drink you’re having,” you’re actually drinking beer at 8am. Heh heh!

The smoothie I made had mango, cucumber and possibly a third fruit I don’t remember. No, I didn’t get drunk. It was some time ago and I didn’t write down what I used. I think the trick is to get fruits with a smooth texture, like mango or banana. You can probably add something with a little more twang, like kiwi or orange, but just a little, because you don’t want them to overpower the beer. Like cocktails, you just got to experiment.

P.S. That half-boiled eggs in the background of the picture, it wasn’t my breakfast. It was my dinner.

Shopping list: beer and fruits

Hardware: blender

Can I do this?: Are you kidding me? You know how to use a blender, right?

Credits: Heineken and the Breakfast Club

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